Bcvnsfmsrt Drinks Fridge Mini Fridge 4 Liter Cooler and Warmer Small Fridge Portable AC/DC Mini Refrigerator for Car and Home, Thermoelectric Compact Fridge for Skincare and Cosmetics.




Price: $1,162.10
(as of Dec 07,2023 22:46:32 UTC – Details)

Shape: Cabinet type (open outward)

Power supply mode: 220V AC/12V DC
➤Due to its light weight and easy portability, the small car refrigerator will bring you a sense of comfort, especially after working hard and enjoying cold drinks, which will reduce your fatigue in the day.
➤-Good heat insulation. Even after the plug is unplugged, it can keep warm for a long time or keep the cooling temperature, with a magnetic strip, better insulation and sealing.
➤Small size, big use Save space and not waste.
➤Break the boundaries of design, Redefining the car refrigerator,From appearance to function.

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