Cute Skincare Fridge/Mini Portable Cosmetic Refrigerator 9L,Small Makeup Refrigerator with Hot And Cold Setting, Used for Makeup And Skin Care, Can Also Be Used in Bedroom Car Bar(12V/110-220V),Navy blue




Price: $282.76
(as of Nov 29,2023 15:22:55 UTC – Details)

An On-The-Go Must-Have
The YUTGMasst light-weight and compact mini cooler & warmer keeps your choice of cold or hot food and beverages accessible and at a preferred temperature at any time of the day. Whether you’re at the office, in your dorm room, or traveling by boat , car, RV-or spending the day at the beach, this handy personal cooler and warmer will make your day more pleasant. Now you can enjoy a refreshing cold drink or warmed food or beverage on-the-go wherever you are, and whenever you want!

Internal size: 15.8*21*25.3cm/6.2*8.3*9.9 inch
External size: 32.3*32.8*34.8cm/12.2*12.9*13.7 inch
Voltage: 12V car /110V~240V home
Weight (KG): 3KG
Rated power: 45W±10%
Cooling system: semiconductor refrigeration
Single-core refrigeration: temperature difference 15 ℃ -20 ℃(59°F – 68°F) (below ambient temperature)
Heating insulation: can be heated to 65 ℃

✔ Get it with confidence: This eco-friendly product uses advanced semiconductors that are free of CFC’s and refrigerants and environmentally friendly. Please feel free to contact our customer service center if you have any problems and we offer 24 hours friendly customer service.

✔ Versatile mini fridge has a cooling and a heating function: Use either for your makeup, creams, cosmetics and rollers. Mini fridge for moisturizers, masks, oils and serums. You can even use it for your medicine, food, beverages and breast milk : to keep it cold or hot!
✔ Lovely appearance: Visible glass on the surface, you can clearly observe the inside of the refrigerator, rounded corners, add a beautiful decoration to your bedroom.
✔ Keep all your organic products cool and maintain their shelf life and consistency. Alternatively, use the warming feature to warm up hard lotions or even your breast milk or food!
✔ AC/DC power mode: The small refrigerator is equipped with AC/DC(110~240V/12V) power dual mode, easily switch modes according to your needs, suitable for a variety of scenarios, not only for home, kitchen, office, dormitory , but for outdoor traveling by car, busy taxi, enjoy picnic and so on.

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