Makeup Storage Organizer Box Cosmetics Storage Display Rack with Drawer, Waterproof, Dustproof, Skincare Organizers, Suitable for Bathroom Countertop and Bedroom Vanity Dresser



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Color:Green and White
Size: 28.6x37x18.5cm
Weight: 1122g
Non-slip Foot Stand
Electroplated non-slip foot stand that is made with exquisite workmanship, allowing comfortable usage in bathroom.
Handle Design
The Handle is easy to move,Curved handle design.
Stylish Drawers with Handle
Stylish drawers with handle made from a luxury sensation without sacrificing quality.
Rotatable Handle
Quality and rotatable handle that will not get in your way while opening the transparent cover completely.

Large-Capacity: Super large-capacity, suitable for high-bottled large-bottle water emulsion, sunscreen, and barrier cream. Our makeup organizer can neatly store your jewelry, facial masks, creams, lipsticks, liquid foundations, pressed powders, makeup brushes, eyeliners, eye shadows, nail polish, skincare products, perfumes, and other cosmetics.
Dustproof, Waterproof and Portable: The transparent lid keeps your cosmetics away from dust and water, avoids dust and water stains, and is easy to clean. It is suitable for the dressing table or countertop in the bathroom, bedroom, or dressing room, equipped with a hand strap, which can easily move your cosmetic space, and is also convenient to carry when traveling, especially suitable for car travel.
Advanced Materials: Made of safe and nontoxic ABS and PS plastic, cosmetic organizer is excellent at withstanding scratch and drop impact. Thicker and More durable than traditional acrylic products.
Product Size: Cosmetics Display Case 28.6x37x18.5cm.As a light luxury style makeup organizer. White/Green appearance with transparent acrylic lid and handle for easy to take and move.

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