MHHSPOL Ice Tray Rolling Ice Face Roller,Mini Ice Roller for Facial Massage Ice Mold Roller Portable Skin Care Tool Cube Ice Roller for Face for Tighten and Tone Skin




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1.The ice roller is made of food-grade silicone material, which is safe, non-toxic and tasteless, and safe for the skin.

2.Effectively remove insomnia or swelling after staying up late, use this roller to improve the skin, brighten the complexion, and keep the skin healthy and smooth.

3.Ice Roller for Facial Massage can be used repeatedly. Applying ice balls on the face can tighten and shrink pores, remove eye bags and prevent wrinkles. It is a beauty tool very suitable for daily skin care.

Material: Silicone
Color: pink, black, purple
Product size: 11*4.5cm

Package List: 
Face ice roller*1

Manual measurement, please allow slight errors on size.

Multifunctional: This facial massager the skin, shrinks pores, and can effectively reduct enlarged pores. It can also lubricate the skin and make the skin more elastic and contractile. Summer can lower the temperature of the skin exposed to the sun, which is beneficial to the skin. The ice roller has the effect of shrinking pores, calming the skin.
Operation method: Add water, essential oils, roses, etc. to this facial ice roller, put it in the refrigerator, and then slide it onto clean skin. It can be used or recycled.
Reusable: This refillable silicone can be used multiple times and uses durable materials to save you money. In order to really enhance the skin effect, custom formulas according to your specific skin needs, such as lemonade for whitening, green tea for anti-inflammatory, cucumber water for edema, and coconut milk for anti-aging effects.
Multi-purpose: This facial popsicle can be used not only on the face, but also on other parts of the body. It can be used to physically cool children when they have a fever.

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