Mini Fridge 6 Liter,Mirror refrigerator,Portable Mirrored Beauty Fridge With LED Lighting, Skincare Fridge for Skincare, Bedroom and Travel (with Digital Temperature Control)




Price: $139.99
(as of Dec 10,2023 14:01:08 UTC – Details)

Stylish Design: mirrored beauty fridge with LED Lighting, specially designed for makeup, makes up for you anytime, anywhere. Led lights are controlled by the touch sensor switch. The brightness of the Led makeup mirror can be adjusted by touch screen. This allows you make up in the dark or poorly lit areas as well, see the face and pores more clearly.
Bring Your Faves: The temperature control and the small design make it easy to keep your self-care essentials or food favorites hot or cold no matter where you wander. Ac/Dc Plugs for both standard home outlets and car chargers are included. 3 light modes well convertible temperature options. Note: No heating and cooling lights on the back of the fridge.
Store Cosmetics Beautifully: Extend the shelf life of your favorite skincare serums, makeup, cosmetic staples, or fresh face masks by keeping them chilled right on your vanity. 100% Freon-Free and Eco Friendly Design. It keeps your skincare products super cold and refreshing.
Temperature setting: After plugging in the power, long press the light button for 3 seconds to enter the adjustable temperature setting, short press the light button to set the refrigerator temperature, press the temperature you want, no operation, wait for the temperature interface to flash 5 times and stop beating, the setting is successful . If the refrigerator temperature shows that it has not been used for a long time, it will enter the sleep state and set the temperature to OFF to turn off

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