Mini Refrigerator for Skin Care Cosmetic Refrigerator Snjiaheim Makeup Refrigerator Portable Refrigerator Beauty Refrigerator Skin Care Refrigerator-Pink




Price: $910.47
(as of Sep 21,2023 18:42:42 UTC – Details)

【Cooling and heating】: The beauty refrigerator can set Snjiaheim to cooling or heating just by pressing the switch! It can be cooled to below ambient temperature or maintained at an internal thermostat. Very easy to operate and use.
【Store cosmetics beauty】: The portable mini refrigerator extends the shelf life of your favorite skin care serums, cosmetic staples, or fresh face masks, allowing them to calm down in your vanity. Snjiaheim uses the thermal function to keep the wet towel warm for a relaxing experience.
【Super quiet operation】: Portable electric refrigerators and incubators are equipped with brushless advanced fan motors, Snjiaheim can run quietly (25 dB sleep mode) and last longer than ever. You can sit back and relax!
【Multifunctional mini refrigerator】: A great small appliance, Snjiaheim can store food, beverages, beer, snacks, breast milk, cosmetics and skin care products. This can also be used as a personal skin care refrigerator, making it an ideal gift for women.

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