Portable Fridge,Mini 4L Car Refrigerator Portable AC/DC Thermoelectric Compact Fridge for Skincare Cosmetics Include Removable Shelves




Price: $375.55
(as of Mar 03,2024 19:11:20 UTC – Details)

Type: Semiconductor car refrigerator
Applicable models: 12V car
Weight: 2.5 (Kg)
Material: ABS material
Volume: within 5 liters (L)
The lowest cooling temperature: 0 (℃)
Maximum heating temperature: 65 (℃)
Color: (enhanced) refrigeration space temperature difference 21°C (220V household), (high configuration) refrigeration space temperature difference 25°C (220V household), (high configuration) refrigeration space temperature difference 25°C (220V household +12V car), (Bluetooth version) Cooling space temperature difference 25°C (220V household)
External dimensions: length 27cm*width 23cm high 34cm
Internal dimensions: length 15cm*width 15.5cm height 25.5cm
Heating temperature: can be heated to 65°C (not affected by ambient temperature)
Cooling temperature difference: 25°C lower than the current ambient temperature (for example, the current room temperature is 25°C and the temperature in the refrigerator reaches 0°C)

Cooling & warming: This mini fridge has the option to be switched from cold to hot meaning you can store an even wider range of products in it. This product can cool food and drinks up to heat products to 65°C.Layered design: Food can be stored in sections, detachable partitions and door holders are designed to store more, extra large fruit and vegetable boxes to keep the fruit fresh.large capacity: requires constant temperature and refrigerated items for storing food, beverage, beer, fruit, breast milk, insulin, skin care products and medicines, removable refrigerated partitions.Portable design: This product is small and light meaning it is easier than ever to move around. Because of this, we’ve included a DC 12V power lead which means that you can connect this product to your car via a car cigarette lighter socket.

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